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Two pieces of practice work on Berserk Doujin

Guts is so cute I want to eat him alive =333

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最近有好多同僚用这幅画作art reference for paintover and for making new brushes,记一下


Ivan the Terrible killing his son

Ilya Yefimovich Repin (1844 - 1930)
Ivan the Terrible and His Son Ivan on November 16th, 1581
Oil on canvas, 1885
199.5 × 254 cm (78.54 × 100 in)
State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow,...

昨天居然是茶杯的生日!正好那天作业有画一些hanniabl tv series的key frame (假)练笔~茶杯酱生日快乐!
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Feels like something happened to Jack some time after he defeated Salazar's ship. Before that he genuinely cared about the ship members and wear all of their tributes every moment. Now he doesn't care about anything. One might say that he still cared about himself, a little bit. But as he threw away...



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I don't know how to smile anymore

Whenever I get amused,

I try to laugh,

but my muscles are stiff,

like my lower brain doesn't know where they are anymore.

And when I try to force a smile,

it comes out more like a cry.

I met with my psychiatrist today, she said my face changed. 

It looked so much sadder, she said...

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还是最喜欢copic的马克笔,画起来有touching的感觉,感觉就像是真的触摸到了一样,对我这种皮肤饥渴症却又厌世的人来说最合适了。。。求推荐可以随身携带的小型copic marker, 什么颜色的都行,最好有一支笔能有两个不同灰度的笔尖~

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